Bank On Chicago Overview

Benefits of Banking

Reduced Fees

Keep More of YOUR Money! Depositing your earnings in a bank will save you check cashing and pay day lending costs.

Get Your Money Quicker

Direct Deposit may allow you to receive your pay or money from any benefits faster.

Banks are Safe!

1. No worry of theft or loss
2. Carrying a large amount of cash can make you a target for crime.

Get a Savings Account

Save for your future.
A regular savings plan helps with emergen-

cies such as car repairs, medical costs, etc.

How to Get a Bank Account

The requirements vary, but generally you will need to provide a deposit (amount varies), your name, birth date, address, and identification number.

What do you need to open your account?

State ID or Driver’s License*

Your identification number can come from:

• Social Security Card
• Matricula Consular or other

consular card
• Passport (U.S. or foreign)
• Temporary resident permit or

Alien Identification Card

*Some of our financial institutions accept the City Key ID and other documents as a form of ID

Other Resources

Our banking partners offer the following programs and initiatives:

1. Credit Builder Loans
2. Credit Counseling
3. Fresh Start Loan
4. Financial Counseling
5. Homebuyer Education and

6. Down Payment Assistance

Need assistance with paying rent, legal, counseling, or other financial issues?

Reach out to Financial Navigators

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